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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Service learning: Bachchaladevi visits Lincoln School

On the weekend of February 12th to 14th, 21 students and 2 teachers visited Lincoln School from Bachchaladevi Higher Secondary School in Sindhupalchowk. This is part of a long-term, on-going, educational-based service-learning program between Bachchaladevi and Lincoln that has positive educational outcomes for both groups of students. During their 3-day/2 night visit the grade 11 and 12 Lincoln students hosted the visitors, organizing and running the activities for the visiting students. The program included English and Science activities, a cultural visit to Kirtipur and Chobar, sports and games, health session with the girls and meal preparation, cooking and cleaning up.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Olympic Swimmers Come to Lincoln!

After the South Asian Games, a group of national swimmers from Thailand, Sri-Lanka, the Maldives and Nepal, who are all "on the Road to Rio" for the 2016 Olympics in Brazil, visited Lincoln School to conduct some training sessions in our pool. We were able to open this up to our students, who gained some valuable technical expertise from these professionals. Among the swimmers was Sofia Shah, a Lincoln School alum, who is hoping to represent her country at the Olympics this summer. 

Go Snow Leopards!

Monday, February 15, 2016


SAISA Tennis 2016

This year's SAISA tennis at Chennai was an amazing experience. Competition was tough and the weather even tougher. The first match was the most difficult due to the fact we were adjusting to the temperature.  All of the players - Anthony, Braden, Divash and Rishi - had good results on the first day. On the second day we finished the grueling singles matches and moved on to doubles. In the doubles matches, I felt all the players were more comfortable on the courts and played excellent tennis. Rishi won the silver for his 4th seed boys singles tournament and I (Anthony) came home with the gold for the 1st seed boys singles tournament!

Tennis Captain, Anthony Colavito

Girls' Basketball Team Light Up the Lincoln Gym

As the youngest and most inexperienced team in SAISA, Lincoln School's Girls' Basketball Team 2016 demonstrated true heart and passion for the game, as it took place in Kathmandu on February 4th-6th. 
Slightly intimidated by the height and size of our opponents on the first day, our girls played games against AISD's Junior Varsity team, as well as the OSC Geckos' team (last year's reigning champions), and took the win in both matches. This is when we realized that our chances in this tournament were not to be minimized by our size, but in fact increased by our incredible unification, speed, and team work. Other teams started to watch us that day, aware that we are stronger than anticipated, more unified than previously thought, and that if we work well together, we have a high chance of winning that trophy.
The tournament was definitely not over yet, and the games on the second and third day challenged our stamina and endurance as we took on the Chennai Raptors with extreme determination, and winning the quarter finals against the KAS Knights that afternoon. We celebrated our win into the semi-finals, aware that our most challenging game was still ahead. The two games on the second day demonstrated what we had worked so hard to achieve during practice with our "suicide" running; our prevalent endurance and consistency.
Throughout the tournament, our team stood out as the "family"; the one group of girls who completely relied on each other on and off of the court. We went into this season barely knowing each other and seeing a couple of new faces, to reaching a level of friendship so strong it showed on our faces as we won game after game. 
In the end, the Lincoln Girls' team took the third place medal in the whole tournament; a well deserved award. Our whole team was incredibly happy to have taken part in this tournament, to have worked with our passionate coaches Coach Zaheer and Coach Nielsen, and feel that it was one of the best learning experiences.
By Laura Herren

SAISA Badminton 2016

Lincoln School once again participated in the SAISA tournament for Badminton in Mumbai, India. This being the second year of our proper SAISA team, our skills and confidence had improved by a country mile and we headed out with the mindset to improve, and to have fun. We took off from Kathmandu on the 3rd of February, and after a long and tiring flight we had made it to beautiful and humid Mumbai. The next day began our three-day journey of a very testing Badminton tournament.
Lincoln school played the first game against the JV team of AISC, and emerged victorious, which gave the whole team a big boost of confidence in the tournament. After lunch, we played against AISD which were the toughest team on the court, and though we lost we came extremely close with each individual game. The second day we faced off against the varsity team from Bombay, as well as the JV team. Although we lost to the varsity team, we came painfully close to the JV with a score of 9-7. Overall, we finished 7th, which was an improvement from last year in which we finished last.
We made a lot of new friends, and worked our hardest. This SAISA was one of the best SAISAs the team had experienced, as we all got closer together over the span of the practices, and the tournaments. We encouraged each other on, shared a lot of laughs and worked our hardest to reach where we are now. It was the best experience for me being the captain of this incredible team, and I wish them all the best for next year. 

- Prarup Ghimire

Boys' Football Team Develop During SAISA Tournament

Being one of the captains of the Boys' 2016 Football Team alongside Jusung Jung was a great experience of enjoyment and growth. I couldn't be any happier with the boys' performances as the tournament came to a close. Getting the tournament started took us some time, as not everyone on the team had proper experience of being a part of a SAISA team. Additionally, we had an extremely turbulent season with many injuries, illnesses, and last minute dropouts.

Because of this, we went into the tournament with a wounded morale. This made it even more difficult. But over the span of the tournament the young team learned to fight hard no matter the circumstances that were imposed on us. The boys' learned how to fight against our flaws; the hunger to win unleashed within them and it really showed on the final day. Although I couldn't play in the game against OSC - the finalists in this tournament - it was the moment when the team just clicked. Watching them battle from the sidelines truly inspired me. They shed every drop of sweat for each member of the team. Even though the game ended in a 1-0 loss, the boys' showed everyone who watched what we were capable of. In the last game, I came to the realization that I couldn't let the boys' down for what they had grown to be - a band of brothers. I strapped on a knee brace and played for them, and this is a lesson that I will never forget. I know now that nothing can stop you if you put your heart and soul into it. I would like this message to be passed on to the young Lincoln Leopards for years to come.

In conclusion, finishing fifth was not what we desired, but it was the learning and growth that made us proud and happy. I wish the boys' good luck next year and I encourage them to carry the hunger and motivation they showed on the football pitch to everything they do in life. 

By Suryansh Vaidya

CPHs or Clay Pot Heaters

In Social Studies, students have been examining how natural balance has been lost in Kathmandu, as well as the effects of the fuel crisis. Students are beginning to explore ways to minimize impact and reduce resource consumption. We were lucky to have Ms. Cri come in as a guest speaker to teach the students about one of the ways Mr. Ken and her work to reduce consumption and stay warm. Ms. Cri showed the students how to build the clay pot heaters and taught about the reduced environmental impact. CPHs  are a series of three clay pots bolted together. Small candles are lit within, with the smoke pollution being captured by the clay pots. CPHs can warm a small space. Stay tuned for more details on how to reduce your environmental impact.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Third Grade Students Make a Symmetrical Design

During Unit 6 in math, students were learning about the properties of polygons and symmetry. When given a little free time to explore with polygons, students independently created an elaborate design. Students worked cooperatively on the design whenever they had free time. The final design measures about 1 meter by 1 meter.