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Friday, February 10, 2017


Writers' Workshop, a class of 11th and 12th graders, has launched its blog! Paws-n-Write is a collection of their work from across the various disciplines. 

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Lady Leopards Bring Back the Bronze!

Having finished 3rd in SAISA Girls' Basketball last year, the girls were ready to build on their recent success in the heat of Mumbai during the 2017 SAISA Girls' Basketball Tournament. On the first day of SAISA, the team played and won a total of 3 games. First, we played OSC, then TAISM varsity, and lastly ACS. Our third game was brutal. Everyone was completely exhausted from the two previous games, but we pulled through and won by four points. With our fourth win on the second day against TAISM junior varsity, we secured our spot in the semi-finals. Everyone on the team contributed to the win. Of course we celebrated with a short trip to Starbucks! Once everybody had gotten their energy back, we watched the rest of the games for the day. On the third and last day, we had two games. Unfortunately, we lost to Dhaka in the semi finals. Despite our loss, we bounced back real quick and won against TAISM varsity again in the consolation finals, winning bronze. Our subs and even our injured player were able to play the last quarter of the game. Our coaches were especially proud of how we bounced back after the heartbreaking defeat in the semi-finals, as we were able to score the highest total of the tournament during that game (46). That night at the ceremony, all the girls celebrated our victory and socialized with other teams. All the teams shared their lip synch videos and handed out sportsmanship pins. On the plane back, we proudly brought home with us our third place trophy, bronze medals, and numerous S pins. It was truly a great SAISA, for the youngest team in SAISA! GO SNOW LEOPARDS! 

Mackenzie Scheer

WATCH THE SLIDESHOW HERE: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0ByCAa8zQsNyQaFd1U25aYXZXR2s/view?usp=sharing

The 2017 Uniquely Chennai SAISA Art!


The 2017 Uniquely Chennai SAISA Art, hosted by the American International School of Chennai on February 2-4, was a one of a kind experience, which the students of Lincoln School are very fortunate and grateful to have had. Myself (Shreetika) and four other artists got the opportunity to tour the heart of Chennai and visit two art studios of local artists to gain inspiration for our projects. We began the process of creating our art pieces on the second day in separate groups. There were four workshops with different local artists teaching various forms of art. The workshops consisted of mixed media book making, indigo dyeing, acrylic assemblage with scrap materials, and temple figure sculpting. On the final day an exhibition was held on the AISC campus, displaying all the art that was created during the past two days. This exhibition displayed all the hard work, dedication and creativity from each student in all the participating SAISA schools. 

By Shreetika Singh

SAISA Tennis: Lincoln Play Hard on the Courts of Mumbai!

SAISA Tennis - Lincoln Play Hard on the Courts of Mumbai
By Johann Silvanus

View the slideshow here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0ByCAa8zQsNyQZEdJZVZCb0RCalk/view?usp=sharing

Usually people don’t consider humid conditions, scorching heat and sweaty people to be the basis of a fun event. Yet that was contrary to the events that took place last weekend in Mumbai. A very enthusiastic and eager Tennis team led by Coach Jacob Craig, departed from Kathmandu on the 1st of February along with the jovial and spirited Girls Basketball team. With a full team of four boys and half a team of two girls, we set out for the American School of Bombay to show how a leopard can swing a racquet. Met by the blue sea of Mumbai, we witnessed the stark difference of wealth by seeing a city that is filled with both skyscrapers and slums. Our arrival at the school was met with surprise and excitement as we beared witness to the new and improved tennis courts the school had built. Our hosts from all parts of Mumbai greeted us with happy faces, hot tasty food and comfy beds. The first day was quite an adventure as we got to play on the new courts. It was also the day we met our opponents. Bombay had a fierce line-up of boys and girls ready to go, and Chennai had brought a strong set of players, but as Mr. Davis always says “It’s not the size of the leopard in the fight that counts, but it’s the size of the fight in the leopard.” So as leopards do, we fought long and hard; we won some good games and we lost some close games, but we kept going. We were inspired by the amazing prowess of the Girl’s Basketball team led by Coach Nielsen, and were determined not to lag behind. Through singles and doubles competitions we prevailed and earned both our third place in the competition and our stripes as true Lincoln Leopards. Keeping to SAISA tradition, not only did we participate in the event for the love of Tennis, but we also forged new friendships and strengthened current ones in the process. With a heightened sense of the game, we look forward not only to the next SAISA, but also to every practice and game. All I can say is that the competition in the 2018 Tennis season should be ready and prepared because the Lincoln Leopards are coming.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

SAISA Boys’ Football 2016-2017: Snow Leopards Keep Fighting

Lincoln School

SAISA Boys’ Football 2016-2017: Snow Leopards Keep Fighting


The beautiful game of football was burning with the passions of the Lincoln School boys the minute they stepped afoot the new training ground at school. Despite losing a preseason game against a local Tibetan school, the boys’ were only focused on improvement. Carrying the mindset of developing themselves for the betterment of the team, their first game came in their league match against the KISC school saw the boys cruise to a 10-0 victory. However, they were still not satisfied, believing they could play better football. Their first real test came the next game against Rato Bangala. After a poor loss, the boys found several gaps and holes in their football philosophy and play. But this didn’t break the boys’ confidence, as they worked on their mistakes during practices. Their loss against Rato Bangala helped the boys to prepare for and defeat local derby rivals The British School 2-0, where the Lincoln School boys dominated in both possession and chances. As the league matches progressed, the boys faced a series of mixed results against GEMS, TBS, and Rato Bangala. However, on the bright Sunday of the NISSA tournament, the Lincoln School boys fought hard to get into the finals. A 3-0 victory against the Rato Bangala School did the job in the semis. After a hard fought match against GEMS in the final, the boys conceded a 1-0 defeat. The tournament helped the team to build confidence, as they were proud of the improvement they had accomplished.
Entering the excruciating weather of Chennai, their desire to succeed was burning brighter than the hot sun. In their first game against the SAISA alternate team, the boys saw a comfortable 8-0 Victory. In their next game, however, they suffered a brutal 5-0 loss against Dhaka. After the game, the team went to stretch and reflect on their inconsistent performances. The coaches urged the team to play football the Lincoln way; to dominate possession, to work as a team, and  to fight till the very end. The next game against Bombay was crucial to get into the semi-finals. The boys entered the field and fought every minute of the game, and defended fiercely when they were 1-0 up. They had made the semis!
The boys felt a cloud of bad luck against them on the last day, as they were knocked out of the semi finals and third place play-off despite being the better team, especially in the consolation final vs TAISM. Despite being 1-0 up, the boys conceded two goals in the last few minutes of the game.
In the end, a fourth place finish was what the boys had to settle for. Despite the frustrating last day, the Lincoln School boys looked ahead to the future, as they carry a young team that possesses mountains of potential.
By Jigme Norchen



SAISA Badminton this year was hosted at the Overseas School of Colombo in Sri-Lanka. We went a day early and got to spend one morning on the beach. The Lincoln School Badminton team showed great growth this year, with some strong individual wins and doubles play. More importantly, as a team Lincoln was very supportive of each other through every match. It was an amazing experience because this was the first trip to Colombo for most of us. The amazing food, the dances after each day of the tournament and the late night flights made this experience even more fun. I personally had an amazing time meeting new people from other SAISA schools and making new friends. This was the best SAISA yet, and I hope next year is just as amazing!!

You can view a slideshow of the Badminton tournament here:
~Ritisha Mukherjee, Grade 7

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

SAISA Season 2!

From the Athletics & Activities Department

A massive SAISA weekend is now in full swing! I would like to sincerely thank all the people who made this possible from our wonderful coaches, teachers, administration and support staff, to our incredible students and parents. We have six different groups teams engaged in such memorable and powerful learning experiences this week from Art and Boys' Football in Chennai, to Tennis and Girls' Basketball in Mumbai, to Badminton in Colombo and, of course, MathCounts at Lincoln. 

All the live action can be followed here: 
Basketball & Tennis: http://saisaliveasb.weebly.com/

A special thank you to our Lincoln School host families and LSPA! 

Go Team Lincoln! 

Luke Davis
Athletic Director
Lincoln School

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Eight Grade Stop-Motion Animations

Eight Grade Stop-Motion Animations

Eighth Graders recently completed a stop-motion animation project in Art and Music class, based on a social or environmental issue. Students worked in groups of three or four to complete a collage-style animation--made entirely from cut paper--and record their own music. They screened their animations in the theater last week, presented their process, and answered questions from teachers and students. 

Check out their videos on Youtube:

Sarya, Jinho and Maya, "Hope": https://youtu.be/R_Wl2bzJFhU

Karuna, Alex and Kit, "Media Addiction": https://youtu.be/o_TVuGDA6h0

Jeongyun, Ayushma and Hridayendra, "Bella and Bow": https://youtu.be/F5wxkxE7Bcg

Aashni, Tisa, Mae-line and Sambridhi, "New Life": https://youtu.be/i_tmotkJADo

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Lincoln Reach NISSA Boys' Football Finals!

After finishing 3rd in the NISSA league football standings, our boys' football team were motivated to improve on that showing in this Sunday's cup festival hosted at ANFA, Satdobato. The boys played the semi-final of the cup competition against Rato Bangala School and put in a dominant display from start to finish, running out 3-0 winners. The Snow Leopards played with strong determination, slick passing and strong movement and were confident heading into the finals against league champions, GEMS, who had defeated TBS in the other semi-final. Both teams fought hard and created a number of chances with the Snow Leopards unfortunate when hitting the woodwork with a good chance. However, GEMS were able to break through our defense and slot the ball into the bottom corner to win 1-0. This tournament was a good warm-up for our boys' footballers who travel to Chennai in just over a week's time to contest the SAISA Championships 2017. Well done Snow Leopards!

Friday, January 20, 2017

NISSA Boys' Football Update

This Sunday, Lincoln School's Varsity Boys' Football team will be taking on the rest of the NISSA schools in the NISSA Boys' Football cup. Our final 3 matches of the league saw the boys win handsomely vs KISC 7-0, before playing out a hard-fought and entertaining draw against Rato Bangala 2-2. Our final game of the league was against GEMS who were already league champions. Despite hitting the woodwork and putting them under some pressure, an own goal in the 2nd half meant that we lost the game 1-0. This meant that we finished 3rd in the league and will take on Rato Bangala once again in the semi-final of the cup competition this Sunday, January 22nd at 9.45. If we win that, we will be playing for the cup a few hours later at 12.45. Come along to support our Snow Leopards at the ANFA ground, Satdobato, this Sunday, January 22nd! 

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

MUN: United Nations through more united nations!

Well here I was in the Netherlands, participating in the Model United Nations (MUN) from Lincoln School, Kathmandu. As I walked into the brightly lit room, the warm air blew past my face giving my body refuge from the cold blustery weather of Leiden. I stood at the entrance as my friends moved in. I took in the vibe of the hall’s grand entrance. There were so many people walking around talking, but to me it all sounded like chirping of baby birds. It was as though the voices were unfocused and the only thing that I could focus on was the multitude of flags hung on the ceiling. My eyes scanned them for the Nepali flag. Finally I found it at the far end on the left corner, the flag gave me pride and a much needed sense of confidence, I felt yes I too belonged here in midst of the participants from so many nations, all with a singular goal of a more effective United Nations.

Everybody soon swarmed into the opening ceremony hall. We all sat in the space provided for our Committees, I was in the Special Food Conference (SpCf) Committee. We all sat somewhere in the left back corner. The Opening Ceremony went by fast, and it was a blur. Soon the Secretary General banged the gavel and said, “Leiden MUN 2016 has officially begun.” All of the sudden the nervousness had come back surging through my body and I felt that all the confidence I had gained was gone. I walked up to our Committee room dreading what awaited me, not realizing that this MUN would change not only the way I see the world, but the way I see Nepal as a nation state, in this world of ever uniting nations.

I sat behind a yellow, wooden placard with CANADA, the country I was a delegate of at this MUN. I looked around and I realized that our Committee wasn’t too big; there must have been about 40 people in the room. During the lobbying sessions I realized that most of the other delegates had far more experience than me, most of them coming to their 10th MUN, while this was only my second. This made the fear rise even more within me. The lobbying ended and the sessions carried on. I sat glued in my seat, knowing exactly what to say, but never knowing when to say it, always too afraid that someone would say I was wrong; and while I was toiling with this debate in my head the session ended.

On the second day the room was more vibrant and the vibe was far friendlier. Having debated only in my head yesterday, I finally mustered the courage to speak and slowly stepped up to the podium and put my thoughts in words and let them fly out of my mouth. At first nervously a bit too fast, but then slowly in the tone and pace I wanted. No one yelled at me, or told me I was wrong. I stepped of the podium and as I walked back a new feeling rose within me. I felt powerful. As the rest of the conference days went on I listened and participated. The idea of MUN transformed from something my parents forced me to do, to something that could change not only the world, but my views on the world and how I could make an impact to create the world I wanted.

The idea of conflict also struck me in that room. The idea of the United Nations is to bring peace amongst all nations, by accepting the differences in other cultures, religions, and political beliefs. In this room we all may have differing points of view, but we were all friends, trying to find solutions for worldwide problems. We were all different and yet we were one. There are so many nations that are war torn, and under rubble; for the simple reason that differences aren’t accepted, respected and appreciated.

As the Leiden MUN was drawing to an end amongst the many learning that I had picked up, the one thought that resonated in me was that we all needed to value different opinions and perspectives if we are to create peace not only worldwide, but within each nation of the United Nations as well. I started to think about the divisions caused by the recent decision of the United Kingdom to exit the European Union, and the divisiveness of the Presidential elections in the United States, and then my thoughts floated back home to Nepal and the many issues that seem to be dividing us as a nation today.

The long flight home gave me ample time to reminisce and recall all the deliberations, debates and discussions of the past few days, and as I sorted through it all the realization dawned on me that to have a truly effective United Nations the first thing we have to do is have truly united nations. If Nepal is going to play an effective role in the realm of the United Nations then first my nation has to stand united in the critical issues facing us. As the plane touched down in Kathmandu I was resolved, if only a united nation can be a effective participant in the United Nations, I must and will do what I can to firstly unite my nation and then move ahead to ensure that Nepal finds its place as an effective member of the United Nations!   

Aarya Shah
Grade 10

Lincoln School's Service Nepal Work