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Wednesday, March 22, 2017



Last Saturday, Lincoln School held the 2nd annual LS Aquathon. Students of all ages, parents, staff and supporters came out for a fun event that was also a fundraiser for our Service-Learning programs. The event involved a 1000 meter swim and a five kilometer run around our campus, including through the school halls and across rooftops and gyms! Swimmers and runners could choose to complete some or all of the total distance and could participate as individuals or teams. The purpose was to have fun, build community, raise funds for many of our important service programs, and do some exercise along the way. 

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The event was a great success with almost 50 participants. Last year we were able to raise almost $1000 from this event and as we await for all the pledge money to come in, we are confident of a similar total this year. Thank you to our officials, Coach Yubraj, as well as our students, parents and staff members for participating and pledging funds to these important causes. It was great to see so many smiles and so many miles on a funD-filled day! 

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Luke Davis
Athletic Director
Lincoln School
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Monday, March 20, 2017

CNN 2015 Hero of the Year Maggie Doyne visits Lincoln School

Grade 2 students supporting Blinknow.org through their service learning project

Service learning with Lincoln Elementary and Maggie Doyne from Blinknow
Ken Fernandez
Elementary Principal

Friday, March 17, 2017

A 6th Grade Trip to Kopan

A 6th Grade Trip to Kopan  By: Yangki (Grade 6)

This year the 6th grade class went to Kopan Monastery, a unique experience few will forget.  The trip started out by attending a ceremony for the reincarnation of a very respected lama. We observed people offering Kata to the young reincarnation and got to try ourselves.  Throughout the first day we had many fun things planned such as observing the cultural dances, as well as taking a calming walk through the forest.  

The second day was a chance to learn about the life of a nun as well as visit a paper and incense factory and learn about the different processes of making these items.  This day was also when we got to meet some monks our age and have a lot of fun with them. 

On Wednesday we worked hard to pick up trash and make the Boudha area cleaner with the help of the Green Soldiers. This was also the day we got some teachings on what it means to be a Buddhist and how they go about their life. We also learned about the ancient art of Thanka painting.

The next day we got to take a long and tiring yet fun hike up to Nagi Gompa, where we had lunch. We also had a teaching on universal responsibility and how we can play our part.  Friday was the day we got the chance to create our own mandalas that were supposed to represent who we are.  

Overall this week was…
Fun, tiring, interesting, scary, relaxing -Anisha
I am impressed by the dedication of these people-Yangki
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Monday, March 13, 2017

NISSA Boys' Basketball & Girls' Football Update

Our NISSA Boys' Basketball and Girls' Football seasons are in full swing with the Snow Leopards having put on some outstanding performances thus far. The NISSA girls' football league is a 7-a-side affair, and our girls have already played four league fixtures, emerging triumphant in all their games. The league kicked off with a double-header against KISC, which our girls won 4-0 and 5-1. Thereafter, they played an inexperienced GEMS side and won 13-2 at home and 4-0 away. All these games gave our girls ample playing time as they worked to gel together as a team before heading off to the SAISA tournament in Mumbai on April 20-22.

Our boys' basketball team have played two league fixtures thus far, emerging victorious in our first outing of the league against GEMS. In our away fixture the roles were reversed, with our boys shots not sinking, and eventually falling to defeat. Despite this, lessons were learned and the boys and girls teams are now gearing up for their games vs TBS this Saturday, March 18th in the LS gym and turf respectively.

On March 25th, Lincoln School will host the NISSA girls football and boys basketball festival, which is sure to be an exciting affair. Go Snow Leopards!

Rainbow Fish author Marcus Pfister visits Lincoln School!

Mr. Pfister's inspiring presentation to the entire elementary motivated all the students to become better illustrators. He also led a small group workshop for students in P1-G2. It was a fantastic visit!

Sunday, March 5, 2017

2nd Lincoln School Aquathon

Calling all Lincoln School students, staff & parents!

This is your chance to participate in the 2nd LS Aquathon (1 km swim and 5 km run) held at Lincoln School on Saturday, March 18th from 12.00 to 2.00 pm

Students and parents are encouraged to find rupee cash pledges for each lap they swim (40, 25m laps maximum), and each lap they run (10, 500m laps maximum). Begin collecting your pledges! 

Participants do not have to complete the entire distance, or can form a relay of any number of individuals in order to complete the entire distance. Family relays are encouraged! 

Funds raised will go towards our Service-Learning initiatives. 

This is NOT a race!

Please use the form below to sign-up:

See you on Saturday, March 18th!

Friday, March 3, 2017

SAISA Music 2017 - From the Himalayas to the Bottom of the World!

From The Himalayas to The Bottom of The World
By Connor Swanson
This trip was truly one of firsts. Not only was it some people's first time traveling to a SAISA event, but it was also the first SAISA event hosted by ACS. As a first time SAISA participant, I would like to give you a short recap of some of the details of our journey.
Our trip began on Tuesday, and after getting through security and heading out on our first three hour flight we landed in Sharjah, where our group immediately divided to to explore the airport during the layover we had before departing. After our flight and subsequent journey through immigration we boarded our bus and headed to the hotel
On Wednesday we headed to Jerash, where we explored and appreciated the ancient architecture of these Greco-Roman ruins, took an enormous amount of photographs, and purchased some tourist items before we departed. After grabbing some lunch we headed to the ACS campus and met up with our hosts.
Thursday is where the fun really began. After an amazing opening ceremony, all the schools separated into the large band and choir ensembles to get accustomed with the pieces, and with the various directors who would be assisting us. We then separated into our various sectionals so that these directors could give us constructive criticism and some advice about our specific area of music.
On Friday we started in our sectionals to continue polishing the individual pieces before moving into our large ensembles to finalize elements of the main ensemble music. We then split into workshops where I specifically participated in a combination of choir and percussion. After our practices we viewed a performance by the 1st Cavalry Band and some of the student ensembles.
Saturday was the final day of our musical rehearsal and was completed very quickly in anticipation of our concert, We started with our ensemble practices, then had sectionals till about lunch time. During this time some of the additional performances were practiced along with preparing for presenting the pieces.

The concert went very well, and was an excellent first display by ACS in terms of both the quality of performance and dedication of the video crew. If you missed the stream, the link is here http://lssaisamusic17.blogspot.com/2017/02/day-7-return-to-nepal-and-performance.html
On our last day in Jordan we loaded onto to a bus and spent a few hours relaxing at the Dead Sea before leaving for the airport. In fact this last day allowed me to reflect and to firmly state that this trip left a great impression not only upon ACS as a host but also makes me want to return to Jordan at some point. It is also confirmed that SAISA rocks!

ENGAGE at Lincoln School!

ENGAGE at Lincoln School!

On the 10th International Wheelchair Day, Lincoln School hosted some of the top wheelchair basketball players in Nepal. In conjunction with ENGAGE – a local NGO that focuses on helping youths and young adults with physical disabilities – a disability awareness program was held for physical education students ranging from grade 4 all the way up to High School. ENGAGE set up the first ever Nepali wheelchair basketball league and are currently in the process of organizing the second version due to start in May. ENGAGE organized a presentation showing our students who they are and what they do, which was followed up by a speech from a top wheelchair basketball player who explained his story about why he was in a wheelchair and how sports have empowered him. This classroom session was then taken out onto the outdoor court where our students could experience the wheelchairs themselves and really appreciate how difficult the sport of wheelchair basketball is. A 5-on-5 exhibition game then took place at lunch with the whole school looking on as the athletes showcased their talents. The day as a whole went extremely well and really outlined Lincoln’s strong commitment to service and passion for co-curricular learning. Teaching our students to become more aware of how individuals can experience success despite obstacles is an important understanding in this day and age. Engaging with ENGAGE was a perfect partnership.

You can find out more about ENGAGE on their facebook page:

Contact Emails:
Simone Galimberti (Co-founder) – simone_engage@yahoo.com
Arthur Castro Smith (League Outreach Coordinator) – asmith.engage@gmail.com


Friday, February 10, 2017


Writers' Workshop, a class of 11th and 12th graders, has launched its blog! Paws-n-Write is a collection of their work from across the various disciplines. 

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Lady Leopards Bring Back the Bronze!

Having finished 3rd in SAISA Girls' Basketball last year, the girls were ready to build on their recent success in the heat of Mumbai during the 2017 SAISA Girls' Basketball Tournament. On the first day of SAISA, the team played and won a total of 3 games. First, we played OSC, then TAISM varsity, and lastly ACS. Our third game was brutal. Everyone was completely exhausted from the two previous games, but we pulled through and won by four points. With our fourth win on the second day against TAISM junior varsity, we secured our spot in the semi-finals. Everyone on the team contributed to the win. Of course we celebrated with a short trip to Starbucks! Once everybody had gotten their energy back, we watched the rest of the games for the day. On the third and last day, we had two games. Unfortunately, we lost to Dhaka in the semi finals. Despite our loss, we bounced back real quick and won against TAISM varsity again in the consolation finals, winning bronze. Our subs and even our injured player were able to play the last quarter of the game. Our coaches were especially proud of how we bounced back after the heartbreaking defeat in the semi-finals, as we were able to score the highest total of the tournament during that game (46). That night at the ceremony, all the girls celebrated our victory and socialized with other teams. All the teams shared their lip synch videos and handed out sportsmanship pins. On the plane back, we proudly brought home with us our third place trophy, bronze medals, and numerous S pins. It was truly a great SAISA, for the youngest team in SAISA! GO SNOW LEOPARDS! 

Mackenzie Scheer

WATCH THE SLIDESHOW HERE: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0ByCAa8zQsNyQaFd1U25aYXZXR2s/view?usp=sharing

The 2017 Uniquely Chennai SAISA Art!


The 2017 Uniquely Chennai SAISA Art, hosted by the American International School of Chennai on February 2-4, was a one of a kind experience, which the students of Lincoln School are very fortunate and grateful to have had. Myself (Shreetika) and four other artists got the opportunity to tour the heart of Chennai and visit two art studios of local artists to gain inspiration for our projects. We began the process of creating our art pieces on the second day in separate groups. There were four workshops with different local artists teaching various forms of art. The workshops consisted of mixed media book making, indigo dyeing, acrylic assemblage with scrap materials, and temple figure sculpting. On the final day an exhibition was held on the AISC campus, displaying all the art that was created during the past two days. This exhibition displayed all the hard work, dedication and creativity from each student in all the participating SAISA schools. 

By Shreetika Singh

SAISA Tennis: Lincoln Play Hard on the Courts of Mumbai!

SAISA Tennis - Lincoln Play Hard on the Courts of Mumbai
By Johann Silvanus

View the slideshow here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0ByCAa8zQsNyQZEdJZVZCb0RCalk/view?usp=sharing

Usually people don’t consider humid conditions, scorching heat and sweaty people to be the basis of a fun event. Yet that was contrary to the events that took place last weekend in Mumbai. A very enthusiastic and eager Tennis team led by Coach Jacob Craig, departed from Kathmandu on the 1st of February along with the jovial and spirited Girls Basketball team. With a full team of four boys and half a team of two girls, we set out for the American School of Bombay to show how a leopard can swing a racquet. Met by the blue sea of Mumbai, we witnessed the stark difference of wealth by seeing a city that is filled with both skyscrapers and slums. Our arrival at the school was met with surprise and excitement as we beared witness to the new and improved tennis courts the school had built. Our hosts from all parts of Mumbai greeted us with happy faces, hot tasty food and comfy beds. The first day was quite an adventure as we got to play on the new courts. It was also the day we met our opponents. Bombay had a fierce line-up of boys and girls ready to go, and Chennai had brought a strong set of players, but as Mr. Davis always says “It’s not the size of the leopard in the fight that counts, but it’s the size of the fight in the leopard.” So as leopards do, we fought long and hard; we won some good games and we lost some close games, but we kept going. We were inspired by the amazing prowess of the Girl’s Basketball team led by Coach Nielsen, and were determined not to lag behind. Through singles and doubles competitions we prevailed and earned both our third place in the competition and our stripes as true Lincoln Leopards. Keeping to SAISA tradition, not only did we participate in the event for the love of Tennis, but we also forged new friendships and strengthened current ones in the process. With a heightened sense of the game, we look forward not only to the next SAISA, but also to every practice and game. All I can say is that the competition in the 2018 Tennis season should be ready and prepared because the Lincoln Leopards are coming.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

SAISA Boys’ Football 2016-2017: Snow Leopards Keep Fighting

Lincoln School

SAISA Boys’ Football 2016-2017: Snow Leopards Keep Fighting


The beautiful game of football was burning with the passions of the Lincoln School boys the minute they stepped afoot the new training ground at school. Despite losing a preseason game against a local Tibetan school, the boys’ were only focused on improvement. Carrying the mindset of developing themselves for the betterment of the team, their first game came in their league match against the KISC school saw the boys cruise to a 10-0 victory. However, they were still not satisfied, believing they could play better football. Their first real test came the next game against Rato Bangala. After a poor loss, the boys found several gaps and holes in their football philosophy and play. But this didn’t break the boys’ confidence, as they worked on their mistakes during practices. Their loss against Rato Bangala helped the boys to prepare for and defeat local derby rivals The British School 2-0, where the Lincoln School boys dominated in both possession and chances. As the league matches progressed, the boys faced a series of mixed results against GEMS, TBS, and Rato Bangala. However, on the bright Sunday of the NISSA tournament, the Lincoln School boys fought hard to get into the finals. A 3-0 victory against the Rato Bangala School did the job in the semis. After a hard fought match against GEMS in the final, the boys conceded a 1-0 defeat. The tournament helped the team to build confidence, as they were proud of the improvement they had accomplished.
Entering the excruciating weather of Chennai, their desire to succeed was burning brighter than the hot sun. In their first game against the SAISA alternate team, the boys saw a comfortable 8-0 Victory. In their next game, however, they suffered a brutal 5-0 loss against Dhaka. After the game, the team went to stretch and reflect on their inconsistent performances. The coaches urged the team to play football the Lincoln way; to dominate possession, to work as a team, and  to fight till the very end. The next game against Bombay was crucial to get into the semi-finals. The boys entered the field and fought every minute of the game, and defended fiercely when they were 1-0 up. They had made the semis!
The boys felt a cloud of bad luck against them on the last day, as they were knocked out of the semi finals and third place play-off despite being the better team, especially in the consolation final vs TAISM. Despite being 1-0 up, the boys conceded two goals in the last few minutes of the game.
In the end, a fourth place finish was what the boys had to settle for. Despite the frustrating last day, the Lincoln School boys looked ahead to the future, as they carry a young team that possesses mountains of potential.
By Jigme Norchen