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Friday, April 28, 2017

Snow Leopards Stay on Track in Colombo!

Snow Leopards Stay on Track in Colombo!

SAISA Track & Field was a very extraordinary experience. Although we had a small team this year, we made the best of it, and worked as hard as we could. I believe that all our hard work paid off in Colombo; we survived the blazing heat, and the very tiring plane ride there and back. We all stuck together like a team and we conquered our fears and personal best times together.

There were many memorable experiences from our time in Colombo. For example, watching Coach Craig run as the anchor of the SnowGeckos in the coaches relay! We also had some amazing wins for our team: Zoja Mancek won gold in the 15-19 girls high jump, and Isabella Murphy who won both the 10-12 girls 3000m and 1500m runs, as well as winning silver in the 800! The Powell sisters did incredibly as well, with Izzy Powell winning the girls 10-12 long jump and earning bronze in the 1500, while Niamh Powell won silver in the 400m. For the boys, Tomas Sharkey came 5th for the 10-12 800m and earned a bronze in the 3000!

We definitely improved on our performances from last year. During SAISA, we were half the size of the other teams, but the fight we put up and our energy was enormous. Our overall experience was amazing and I am lucky to have shared one of my favorite SAISAs with this particular group of people, and I’m excited for what’s to come from our team next year.

Akshara Singh