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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Healthy Teeth and Warm Feet

Third grade is studying the local environment of Nepal. Students have been exploring environmental resources and their availability. Students grew concerned about the impact of the fuel shortage on local families. Many families are having to spend more money to obtain basic resources. Third graders want to help care by providing community members with a few basic supplies such as: new toothbrushes, tubes of toothpaste, new socks, and new or gently used shoes. All donations are greatly appreciated and should arrive by December 7. Thank you!

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Law and Order Fairytale Unit

During this round of Exploratory classes, the Middle School decided to create a one act play. All of the different exploratory groups are contributing to some aspect of the play. There is an acting group, which is going to stage the play; there is an optical illusions group, which is creating special effects; a creative construction group that is building the sets; there is a duct tape design group, which is in charge of the costumes and props; and there is also a a group which is working to promote and advertise the play. Middle school are using C-block classes to work under the direction of the acting group and the producer of the play, Molly Neilson. The play, Law and Order Fairytale Unit is a modern day twist on disney and nursery rhyme characters. The main plot is based on a team of fairytale detectives working to solve one classic mystery: Who blew down the three little pigs house?

The play will be performed on December 10th from 3:10 to 4:00 P.M in the Globe Theater at Lincoln School. We hope to see you then! 


Friday, November 6, 2015

ipads in Third Grade

Third Grade Receives iPads

Third graders were thrilled to take part in the LS School's one-to-one iPad integration. Students have been learning about iPad safety and care, as well as, how to use iPads as a tool in learning. Yesterday, students used their iPads to record themselves reading a challenging text with expression. Then, they listened to their reading and reflected. In a few weeks, students will record themselves reading the same passage and will reflect on areas of growth. 
Not only have the iPads brought fresh excitement to the learning process in third grade, they have also stimulated important learning discussions. Students have become more aware about learning tools. They are being trained to ask themselves what the most salient and efficient tool is in a learning situation. Is there a good app on their iPad, should they use a calculator, a pencil, their whiteboard, or is their brain the fastest tool in that moment? 

Please stay tuned for more details as the third graders complete their very first Whiteboard Animation lessons and their class "I am From" montage.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Cupcake Monsters and a Big Thank You to the LS Support Staff

During the Halloween celebration on October 30th, Mrs. Sunderman's third graders decorated monster cupcakes to give to all of the support staff at the Lincoln School. The support staff helps student learning in invaluable ways every day and the third graders were excited to make a small gift sharing their appreciation. 

Pawita a third grader said, "I felt happy, excited, and proud to give the support staff treats to enjoy."

Jasmina, "I thought it was really cool, because we got to make our cupcakes. It felt good to make cupcakes for someone else."

Rylan, another third grader said, "I felt pretty good about making the cupcakes, because the support staff helps the school."

Over 70 cupcakes were decorated by students! Students worked to create unique and attractive monsters as well as Halloween themed thank you cards. Stay tuned for upcoming events as the third grade class class seeks to care for their community.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Girls' Volleyball Storm to Finals in Colombo

Girls' Volleyball Storm to Finals in Colombo 

As teams arrived on the first day of the tournament, the excitement and nervousness started to rise in the gym. We played our first games against Dhaka and Chennai, in which we won both sets. The game against Dhaka was the one that pushed us mentally and physically as we struggled against the Colombo heat and the nervousness of playing our first game. 

The second day we really dominated the court as we won both our sets against Karachi and Lahore. As the third and final day came upon us, the excitement of the tournament started to rise as the remaining top teams all battled for a place in the finals. The first set we had lost in the entire tournament was against TAISM. However, the team completely recovered in the second and third sets and won both the sets. We had finally made it to the finals for the third year in succession! 

As we painted our faces in Lincoln colors, and sang chants to boost our spirits, we were all pretty pumped for the final game of the season. However, the finals was a more challenging affair. The Bombay team had a consistency and maturity in their team that really could not be underestimated. We fought hard during each set, and played a total of 5 sets. By the time the last ball had hit the ground, we were all exhausted, but proud. Even though we hadn't won a gold medal, at the end of the day we walked out with the biggest medal of all - we had come so far in the tournament with one of the youngest teams in SAISA this year. 

As said by our coaches, this game is a marathon. I think what we all realized at the end of it is that it's not always about hitting the home run. Sometimes it's about how you play the marathon. This dream of winning SAISA should not stop at the finish line and it should definitely not stop when our team has placed as high as second place. That is why I'm certain that with the team's performance this year, that next year this team of fresh and hardworking volleyball players is going to dominate SAISA. 

Ana Maharjan

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Lincoln Swimmers - Life in the Fast Lane

Breaking SAISA records, Lincoln records and swimming personal bests, our Snow Leopards had a victorious swim meet at TAISM in Oman. On the first day, we spent the morning training at the pool in TAISM and were treated to an afternoon at the beach and a lunch from Subway as our coaches wanted to recognize the hard work and dedication our team had shown throughout the season and during Dashain break.

As for the actual competition, our Coach Davis best describes it when he said "Competition was fierce and there were lots of strong swimmers, but spirits were always high and we are very proud of all our student-athletes achieved." The mighty Snow Leopards bagged 5 golds, 10 silvers, 10 bronzes, 11 4th places, 12 5th places and 14 6th places.

Shreetika Singh and Oshina Bharati broke the SAISA record for 100m fly, and Niharika Tuladhar set a new SAISA record for 100m breaststroke in the girls 15-19 age group. Our Lady Leopards placed 2nd in the girls 13-14 category, 1st in the girls 15-19 division and finished 2nd overall in the tournament. A huge achievement indeed!
The advantage of having our swimming pool showed the growth of our LS swimmers in this competition. We are proud of the high levels of sportsmanship throughout the season as well as during SAISA. I can confidently report we have all had a positive experience and grew not only as swimmers but also as mature human beings.  

Rahab Moktan & Aditi Dhital (Captains)

Boys' Volleyball Team Exceed Expectations in Colombo

Boys' Volleyball Team Exceed Expectations in Colombo

Our trip started out with an exhausting flight schedule and an eight hour, overnight, layover in the Mumbai Airport. However, the time seemed to speed right by. Being in the company of the boys on the team, as well as the girls' team, allowed us to enjoy ourselves. Once we arrived in Colombo, we had an opportunity to rest and catch up on sleep in a hotel. Following these events, we finally made our way to the school and met up with our hosts to rest up for the night. 

On the first day we were to play the host school in front of the home crowd. We took the victory in an intense three set battle against the Geckos. All of us were very pleased with the way we played. The second game on day two was a bit shaky against Lahore in another three set encounter, but we managed to claw ourselves out trouble and snatch another victory. The next morning we had to play against AISD (Dhaka), a great team with immense individual players, who managed to defeat us in an intense and yet another three set match. The team was showing great improvement from where we first started. We also got together after each game to reflect upon what we did well and what we could improve. We then went on to claim victory in the next two games against ISOI (Islamabad) and AISD JV (Dhaka Junior Varsity) placing us in the semi-finals against KAS (Karachi). This team had two colossal hitters, the Essa brothers, both of who had found a groove and they seemed to be unstoppable. The Lincoln boys showed great grit and passion to fight so hard against them, but the brothers just could not be stopped. 

We got knocked out in the semi-finals against the champions of the tournament, but it still was not over for us. As a part of the team, I felt very confident to go out and play our game against AISD (Dhaka) in the 3rd-4th play offs, and it was because of our team spirit. We never dropped, we fought and we left everything we had out on that court. The team had found their maximum potential playing phenomenal volleyball, resulting in a win and a bronze medal for the team.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

SAISA Action this Week

To keep up with the Lincoln Swimmers this SAISA meet, please visit: https://sites.google.com/a/taism.com/taism-saisa-tournaments/2015-saisa-swim-meet

For all the volleyball action, please visit: 

Go Snow Leopards!

Friday, October 2, 2015

The Power of Positive and Negative Shapes

We’ve all seen the image of the Yin Yang.  Yin The Yin and Yang can be thought of as complementary or opposing forces that interact and reinforce to form a dynamic relationship in which the whole is greater than the parts. Everything has both yin and yang aspects, (for instance shadow cannot exist without light, good without evil). One does not exist without the other.

The students have been working with this principle as it applies to art.  They selected images of desired objects.  These were repeatedly reproduced with close attention the space between.  The images were represented in a range of media and techniques, again, being responsive to the force between the positive the negative.
By Ashni Maharjan 

By Alex Shah
By Riku Nakane

By Karuma Nishitani 

Students Photograph Kirtipur

The students in the high school photography class went on a field trip to Kirtipur to get more experinece taking photographs in the "real world". This gave them the opportunity to practice their composition skills and use different settings such as aperture, shutter speed and ISO. 


Ms Heather Farish

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Girls' Volleyballers Put on a Great Show!

Girls' Volleyballers Put on a Great Show! 

Saturday the 26th was quite an eventful day for the girl's volleyball team as we prepared ourselves for our first tournament of the season. In total we played four teams, the first against the Lincoln teachers and the rest against local Nepali teams. At 9 AM the whole team was gathered in the gym starting warm-up and preparing for this long-awaited moment. As spectators slowly filled the seats, we started our warm-ups and mentally prepared ourselves for the first match. As we pushed through the day, taking one game at a time, and rebuilding ourselves after every match we finally got to our last game, which was the most challenging one. 
The last game was not only a big mental push for the team but it was also the most physically demanding one, as we had had a long day of excitement and games, and only a short time to recover. Although both our team and the J.V.T.C team fought for every single point we narrowly beat them in both sets and won our final game of the day. All in all, it was a tiring and satisfying experience as we now move our focus towards the next big tournament - SAISA, which will be held in Dhaka this year.

By Ana and Emma

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

High School PE Students Receive Lifeguard Training

As one of the culminating activities for Lincoln's High School Physical Education Swimming and Water Safety unit, our students received some extremely valuable Life-Saving skills.  With the support of Nurse Marsha and our PE team, students were trained in CPR and AED use. Most students had received this training before and were able to perform CPR and use the AED expertly.

However, our students' experience in the water was more challenging. They learned how to first fit a cervical collar, before getting into the water to learn how to manage suspected spinal injuries. This procedure included learning how to perform log rolls and vice-grip rolls on suspected spinal victims. Once this had been accomplished, students worked in groups to place the injured swimmers on backboards, using a sequence that is managed by 1st, 2nd and 3rd responders.

I was extremely pleased with how quickly the students learned during this training and am happy they now have this potentially life saving experience to turn to should a real-life situation ever occur.

Luke Davis

Boys’ Volleyball Team Shows Tremendous Growth at Tournament

Boys' Volleyball Team Shows Tremendous Growth at Tournament

Lincoln School hosted a mini-volleyball tournament on the 26th of September, where three club teams from around the valley were invited to play the Lincoln Boys' Volleyball team. This was a big challenge for all the players on the team and it was a great learning experience. As a senior player on the Lincoln School boys' volleyball team, I have seen multiple teams in the past with phenomenal individual players who single handedly drove teams to win games, but we know success takes so much more than one good player. This weekend I felt that I was a part of a team that would give it their all to win, not for individual pride, but for each other and as a family that works in harmony. We as a team do not posses many players who have a great deal of experience under their belts. In fact, we have three returning players from last year's team, meaning our team is comprised mostly of young athletes who are new to volleyball.

We started our day with a warm-up game against the faculty, which ended in defeat. Following that, we had a great deal to improve for our games against the clubs. We took a break before resuming the mini tournament to speak about all the little problems we were facing on the court, and in the second game we came out with a bang! We fixed all the little issues and played volleyball on a whole new level. We seemed to have shocked ourselves. We won the the game in an intense 3 set battle. The feeling was exhilarating. Then, we had a game that followed in quick succession, where we managed to bust through the ceiling and perform as a top class team. We beat the second club team in straight sets. We were beginning to come together as a great team. Finally, we had our final game against the Jawalakhel Volleyball Youth Club, a team with huge amounts of experience, who dominated us the first time we played against them. It was as if we were morphed together as a singular organism controlled by one fixed mind, filling in gaps of each other's weaknesses and enhancing strengths of others. It was a very tight game with just small differences in the score line.

We have a very young and enthusiastic team this year who are eager to learn and improve. Lincoln has seen better volleyball teams with better individuals, but over the next few weeks we shall challenge ourselves to be the best we are capable of becoming.

By Suryansh Vaidya

Luke Davis
Athletic Director
Lincoln School
P.O. Box 2673
Kathmandu, Nepal
(M) +977-9851015676
(T) +977-1-4280482
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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

1st Invitational Lincoln School Swimming Championships

The 1st Lincoln School Invitational Swimming Championships was held this weekend in Lincoln School's new, state-of-the-art aquatics facility. The incessant rain on Saturday failed to dampen the swimmers' spirits with over 180 swimmers competing from the American Embassy School - New Delhi, HIMS, John Dewey School, KISC, Little Angels School, Shuvatara School, The British School and the host's Lincoln School cheering each other on to personal best times. Lincoln School's Director, Dr. Harold Fleetham was very pleased with the weekend's events. "It has been a privilege hosting our first swim meet in our new, 25-meter heated and salt water pool. The swim meet has provided a wonderful opportunity to bring our communities together after a challenging few months in Nepal. The smiles, excitement and sportsmanship shown by the swimmers have made hosting this meet a very worthwhile endeavor."

As for the action in the water, Jakob Hartmann from AES and Shreetika Singh from Lincoln School won their respective 15-18 200 meter freestyle finals. The same schools also won the 13-14 100 meter freestyle events. Jakob Hartman from AES, and Niharika Tuladhar, Ayushma Tuladhar and Oshina Bharati all from Lincoln School were the standout swimmers on Day 1, bagging 4 gold medals each in their respective age categories.

At the end of the meet, Lincoln School topped the point standings with 378 points, followed by AES with 293 points, and Little Angels School with 274 points. Some of the standout performances included Oshina Bharati's 7 gold medals and 2 silvers; Riya Patel's 1 gold and 3 bronze medals; Rahab Moktan's 3 silver medals and 1 bronze; Simha Prasad's 4 bronze medals and 1 silver; Avi Rajkarnikar's 2 silver and 3 bronze medals; Alex Shah's 1 gold and 4 silver medals; Shreetika Singh's 3 gold and 4 bronze medals; and Niharika Tuladhar's 7 golds, 1 silver and 1 bronze medal. Special recognition must go to Ayushma Tuladhar who had an exceptional meet bagging 8 gold medals and breaking 5 school records, including one that has stood since 1999! In total, Lincoln School finished with an unbelievable 19 gold medals, 14 silver medals and 14 bronze medals. More importantly, for all participants, this proved to be a wonderful, never-to-be-forgotten weekend.
A special thank you must also go to our LSPA, Lincoln School parents, and all the administration, faculty, staff and students who made the 1st Annual Lincoln School Swimming Championships a reality. Well-done Lincoln School!

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Join Us for the Surfboard Debates

Famous people join a lively debate, this year including content from around the world. 

The live broadcast is finished. Video from the presentation will be available using the link below.

Archived video footage can be found by clicking here.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Athletic Banquet 2014-2015

Many thanks to those of you who managed to make it to our 2014-2015 Athletic Banquet last night. For those of you who had already left Nepal, or were unable to make it for another reason, I am sharing my opening remarks, as well as the videos for each season. Thanks to all for your support of our program. I am very proud of our student-athletes.

Good afternoon everyone and thank you for taking the time to help us recognize the efforts of our student-athletes at this difficult time for our country, Nepal.

I think we need to reword our spirit song to include the lines: "It can shake us, but it won't break us!" Because you, our Lincoln students, have been immensely courageous this whole year and, especially, over the past few weeks.

I recently wrote a small end-of-year-report for our school board that included some of the following information:

113 different students of 152 total - including 5th grade - participated in SAISA this year. This meant there was approximately 74% participation in our SAISA program (including grade 5). 78% participation in the SAISA program from our Secondary students only. This is up from 60% last year.

That is an impressive statistic and illuminates just how many of our students are ready to devote their time to their own wellness, learning and growth outside of regular school hours. Their dedication has led to some of the following outcomes:

(just listing top 3 finishes, schools records, and other stats):
  • SAISA Girls' Volleyball Finalists
  • HIMS Swimming Championship – Champions
  • Little Angels' School Swimming Championship – 2nd place
  • Girls' Swimming – 3rd place & 15-19 girls Champions
  • An astonishing 41 School Swimming Records broken this year, including 5 SAISA records.
  • Two of our swimmers – Sofia Shah and Niharika Tuladhar - represented Nepal in the World Swimming Championships this year.
  • SAISA Boys' Football - 3rd place
  • Hosted a successful SAISA Boys' Football Tournament for the first time ever.
  • Our Boys' football team participated in two local inter-school futsal tournaments and won them both convincingly.
  • SAISA Badminton – Sent a participating team for the first time in history.
  • SAISA Girls' Football – Champions
  • NISSA Boys' Basketball Finalists
  • SAISA Track and Field – 12 school records
  • SAISA Badminton – Sent a participating team for the first time in history.
However, these statistics do not even tell half the story. There were countless moments of courage, kindness, and grit displayed on many occasions by all of you student-athletes sitting here today. Far beyond the numbers, the medals, and the trophies are the enduring friendships, values and memories of laughter, glory, and tears.

We will remember when the 6th grade boy, Hridayendra, stood up in front all the swimmers in Chennai to talk about a moment of trust and respect. We value sportsmanship.

We will remember swimming in the freezing water and the dark at the end of October, and then the nerves of being on the blocks before our first race, the adrenaline shooting through us as we push ourselves as hard as we can go. We value commitment.

We will remember the fun boys' volleyball games against the staff and how you grew as a team  throughout the season. We value enjoyment.

We will  remember how our girls' volleyballers got trounced by ASB the first game of the tournament on their home court, and then came back to beat them in the semi-finals. We value resilience.

We will remember how we had never participated in sports before, but chose come out to represent Lincoln's first Badminton team. We value courage.

We will remember how refined our backhands and second serves and then beat the heat in Mumbai. We value the learning of skills.

We will remember hosting our first boys' football tournament, Nathan all bandaged up, Pujen gliding through players, Norchen doing push-ups and saving penalties. We value teamwork.

We will remember Carmen running through players legs in Colombo, and the spirit and positivity our girls exuded. We value interdependence.

We will remember how our boys' basketball team grew during both NISSA and SAISA tournaments and how they saved their best performances for the last day, after news of the earthquake had already filtered through. We value a growth mindset, and "I can do it" mentality.

We will remember how Suryansh scissored and Maya flung across the sand. We will remember the fear of not-knowing, and how we cared for each other when we needed it most. We value trust.

We will remember how our Snow Leopards heard the news of the earthquake and then went out and played with fearlessness and passion to thrash the mighty Geckoes in the final 4-1. We value leadership.

Leadership, in these challenging times, is something our students and staffpossess in abundance. I would publicly like to acknowledge the support of our coaches, admin, custodians and bus drivers, as we all play a significant part in the interdependent community that is Lincoln School. Our Sports Leadership Team consisting of Suryansh, Galen, Sofia, Emma, Elen, Laura, Iskra, Kubahan, Rahab, Nathan and Nala have been wonderful Ambassadors for our program.
There is a Tibetan saying, "Tragedy should be utilized as a source of strength. No matter what sort of difficulties, how painful the experience is, if we lose our hope, that's our real disaster."

We will also remember these days for the rest of our lives. We value Perseverance. Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for your efforts and support. Never give up.

Luke Davis

Friday, May 8, 2015

Grade Four Supports Nepal Earthquake Relief Efforts

Grade Four Supports Nepal Earthquake Relief Efforts

By Brian Fawcett, Grade 4 teacher

On Monday morning I was a bit apprehensive as to how fourth grade students would react this week - I expected neediness, immaturity and discipline issues. What I discovered is that these children are a lot more resilient than we sometimes give them credit for. After the initial stories of "Where were you...", our conversations turned to community members affected by the earthquake. In particular, they wanted to know how our friend Bijay (school gardener/farmer) had fared. As you may know, over the last couple of years fourth graders have established a relationship with Bijay and his family at Okhar Pauwa through our Explore Nepal program. He told me that his family member's homes had been destroyed and the entire area near his farm had suffered major damage. He is working with a committee of local people to gather and deliver food, water, medicine and shelters as well as assistance and material for rebuilding. I shared this information with the students and they immediately wanted to help. When I suggested that we donate the funds raised from our vegetable sales they approved wholeheartedly.

Given all that has happened and the magnitude of this disaster, this is one way that fourth grade students can really and truly make a difference in helping Nepalis rebuild their homes, their communities and their lives. I feel confident when I say that these children will remember this for the rest of their lives.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Girls Football 2015 Champions!

            The 2015 Lady Leopards football team had an unforgettable experience in Dhaka this year working as a team to capture the championship title. Lincoln School competed alongside five other SAISA teams , AISD, TAISM, AISC, OSC, and ASB. With our rock hard defense, skillful midfield, and agile offense Lincoln was unbeaten.
The opening game was against last years champions AISD, we surprised them with an early goal scored by Lina Gulbrandsen and held our ground till the end winning 1-0. Our next game was against TAISM at 11:00 the hottest time of the day and still, with the header goal by Emma Shrestha just before half time, another win 1-0.
On day two we played Bombay just before the lunch break and fought hard, scoring the first goal was Lina Gulbrandsen early in the first half, but conceded a penalty on a hand ball. Unfortunately we missed a penalty and finished in our only tie in the tournament 1-1. Later that day we had one of our most important games, this game assured us that we would compete in the finals. We played OSC, a very strong team in the tournament and Emma Shrestha scored the first goal from a through ball. After the half, they scored an own goal followed by Lina Gulbrandsens off the post goal , finally to add on to our lead Laura Herrens volley over the goalkeeper. OSC did score one goal from a punt by a defender, a huge win 4-1.
On the last day the team played Chennai and put all of the substitutes in to rest our starting team for the finals match. Lincoln won 1-0 with a goal scored by Karuna Sakya-Hooper in the few minutes she and some of the starting team players were in.
During the next game, when the team was watching Bombay vs. Colombo which would decide who went to the finals, a small earthquake hit and the Lady Leopards' first thought was is if the epicenter was Nepal. Soon after we searched the web for any news and on many news channels we found that Pokhara is where the earthquake hit. For around an hour everyone tried to contact their parents all at once, it was a room full of crying, terrified girls, worried for their families and friends back home. After everyone contacted their families and found out everything was fine the team decided they would win for their country, they would win for Nepal.
The time for the finals to begin had come and each and every player was to give it their all. To start things off was a goal, off the post in from Karuna Sakya-Hooper, this got the team's spirits up and hungry for more. All the team did was put pressure and take advantage of their mistakes, the next goal, also scored by Karuna Sakya-Hooper was a small tap into the left corner of the net, taking advantage of the defenders misplacement. To finish the halfs scoring, Laura Herren yet again a volley to the top of the netting, 3-0 at the half. The goal for the second half was to keep pressure, and after a few minutes Emma Shrestha scored from way out. Colombo finally got their glimpse of hope when they scored off of a beautiful corner kick, but in the end Lincoln came out on top, winning the title 4-1.
The Lady Leopards celebrated and were all in shock of what they had all accomplished, this may very well be the best moment of their lives. being underdogs in the tournament because they had lost mostly all key players. This year they started fresh, but they played as one, and they played as a team.

Lady Leopards on three! One, two, three Lady Leopards!


Lincoln Hoopsters Grow Throughout Tournament

The Lincoln Boys Basketball Team had a great season coached by Rishi Robertson and Zaheer Khan. During the local tournament, the boys came to finals against KISC and finished second, with a great overall performance. In SAISA, the boys finished fifth out of eight teams, an improvement from last years performance. The boys finished the SAISA tournament strong by beating OSC in the 5th place playoff, and beating TAISM in the 5th and 6th game, a team they had previously lost to in the beginning of the tournament. Next years team, will definitely have some new faces, as the starting five consisted of four seniors. Everyone was able to play to their full potential as they were able to utilise what we learned throughout the season during the tournament.

Luke Davis
Athletic Director
Lincoln School
P.O. Box 2673
Kathmandu, Nepal
(M) +977-9851015676
(T) +977-1-4280482
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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

The Lincoln Secondary Online Learning (LSOL) Program

Dear online parents and students,

I hope your lives are settling down at least a bit.  We had a very positive first day back with students here at Lincoln; the kids were clearly happy to be among friends, though many of you were missed.

You are currently out of town, or soon will be, and will be looking for ways to keep up with the learning missed during your absence.  The purpose of this email is to let you know how we are all going to accomplish this together.  

The Lincoln Secondary Online Learning (LSOL) Program 
The Lincoln online learning program will run in parallel to regular classes for the remainder of this semester and will allow students who are unable to be on campus to continue learning and to complete the academic work needed to receive credit for the semester. 

Students will be given online support through the Google Classroom platform, accessible by each student through their lsnepal.com Google account by going to http://classroom.google.com/.  

For each class that takes place on campus, and that has students in the LSOL program, teachers will upload an assignment or announcement on Google Classroom to inform students and their parents of the learning goals and assigned learning tasks for the class that day.  Parents and students will also be able to keep track of classes using the appropriate grade level academic calendars, found here: http://www.lsnepal.com/index.php/academics/middle-school/academic-calendars#year=2015&month=5&day=4&view=month

Google Classroom will be supplemented by other online resources (TedEd, YouTube, Khan Academy, etc.), Skype, video lessons, screencasts and email chats as appropriate and when feasible.

A coordinating teacher will be assigned to each student and will ensure consistent communication between the home and school.  This teacher will send out an introductory email soon and check in on a weekly basis, or as needed.  Once they have contacted you, please be sure to use them to work out any difficulties or questions you have.  We are working hard to ensure continuity in your child's education and know that there may be some snags, for example with access to the internet.  We are a small school and are able to be flexible so please let us know as soon as you hit a snag so we can work together to figure out a solution.

If you have any concerns or questions in the meantime please do not hesitate to contact me.


Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Lincoln School Kathmandu Earthquake Relief Fund

We appreciate the outpouring of support for Lincoln and the people of Nepal. As a school we are planning to support our local community and beyond. We have received numerous questions regarding donations. A PayPal account has been created: Lincoln School Kathmandu Earthquake Relief Fund through our business manager Janne (Shah) Gadegaard.
Money collected will go through a process of thorough vetting of needs to rebuild homes, provide medical and supporting the communities. No administrative costs will be incurred. We will share how the funds were distributed through our website and our FaceBook page later.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Years of drills and preparation have been put into practice

Thank you all for your support and well wishes. Communications have been difficult. To the best of our knowledge, the school community is safe and healthy. We will try to keep people informed to the best of our ability.

When the earthquake hit we had students on campus for play practice and mock AP exams. Some of those students spent the night with us before being re-united with their families. Everyone pitched in with the preparation of food and shelter, much as we had practiced over the years.

Here are some images of "Camp Lincoln".