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Grade 12 Service Nepal

Service Nepal was a great opportunity for the senior class to explore the cultures and traditions of our host nation. The experiences and memories we’ve all made will remain with us for years after high school. The bonds formed between us, the students at Bachchhaladevi, and the All Hands Volunteers are stronger than hydrogen bonds, and has made an impact on our lifestyle and perspective. Over 6 days, we accomplished a lot from digging a hole to make the toilets, to pouring the foundations for a school building.

My highlight was:
  • "While this trip was exciting and insightful, my personal highlight was when we went rafting. I was able to take a step towards overcoming my fear, by having people who supported and understood me. This trip was insightful because we got the opportunity to explore other cultures and situations, however it was exciting due to the activities we did the last two days." - Sneha.
  • "Amidst the daily work that happened on site, the conversations with All Hands volunteers was an illuminating experience, which provided me with ideas of what to do after graduation and during college." - Swopnil
  • "Rafting was an enthralling experience that contained a splashy adventure, synchronized collaboration, and a ton of laughs that will stay imprinted in my memory forever." - Norchen
  • "The highlight of this trip was to enjoy the last Service Nepal for me and all of the 12th graders, and to be able to put a smile on the students and villagers faces, as well as enjoying the trip and making the most of it."  - Chakkapong
  • "My personal highlight was to get to know the All Hands Volunteers and the Borderlands' staff. They’re doing a great job and it gave me a lot knowledge of how to get into an NGO and make a life out of it." - Lisa
  • "Taking the cultural walk and being able to relax with an amazing view." - Miles
  • "I really enjoyed playing the little quiz game with the third graders about telling time. Even though they already knew the days of the week and months of the year, I was glad we were able to teach them how to tell time." - Yashmit
  • "My highlight for this Service Nepal was rafting and swimming in the river. I also enjoyed spending time with my class and being around a peaceful environment. It was much needed!" - Shree
  • "My highlight was getting to know the All Hands Volunteers and learning about their backgrounds and their reasons to join All Hands. It was refreshing to see people from different places come together to help others." - Nikhil

I learnt to:
  • "From just speaking to a few All Hands Volunteers, I learned that all you really need in life are basically clean water, food, and a place to sleep. With just these three things, they can enable us to have a good, healthy, and happy life." - Kannapat.
  • "During the three days we worked with the All Hands organization, I learned how to use tools such as sifters, wheelbarrows, and shovels. Further, I strengthened my stamina due to the walking and working we did." - Sneha
  • "I learned that little bits of help, even though it doesn’t look like much, can make a big difference." - Chakkapong
  • "I learnt that we didn’t necessarily need our phones to entertain ourselves." - Rahab
  • "I learned that during teaching it is important to adjust course content based on the audience that was listening and even to improvise from time to time!" - Swopnil  
  • "I learned to dig a hole." - Lisa
  • "I learned to use a hoe and shovel." - Norchen
  • "I learnt how how you can be really satisfied by the simple pleasures in life. The All Hands Volunteers were a perfect representation of how helping others and being around new people who are all passionate about contributing can be satisfying." - Shree
  • "I learnt to appreciate all the little things in my life that are otherwise very normal to me but are considered a luxury to others who are not as privileged as I am. Things like disposable pads, running water, constant electricity, etc." - Yashmit
  • "I learned to use a sifter." - Paula
  • " I learned to teach others about a subject that they have little knowledge of." - Nikhil

I enjoyed:
  • "Being away from technology was something that was hard for me to picture, as I am so addicted to my phone. But I really enjoyed the nature and the sounds of nature were so pleasing to my ears. I felt like I really needed this trip to get through this stressful time of year." - Kannapat
  • "I enjoyed spending time with friends in the eating area and just being away from technology." - Rahab
  • "I enjoyed getting out of the city and seeing clean, green nature." - Miles
  • "I enjoyed meeting people from the school, especially our buddies. It was fun to interact with the other students and to work with them. Further, I enjoyed spending time with my classmates during the afternoon and evening; our conversations, card games and dancing session were very fun. It was exciting to spend such a long time away from my family with my friends, and I loved this experience." - Sneha
  • "I enjoyed the experience of being away from home for several days and gaining a feeling of independence and responsibility for myself and the work that I would be doing. It was a time of inspiration." - Swopnil
  • "I enjoyed coming out of my Lincoln bubble and exploring an environment outside of my comfort zone." - Norchen
  • "I enjoyed getting out of my dark personal space and actually doing something to help the community. Even though it might not look like much, I gave it everything I have." - Chakkapong
  • "I enjoyed being in nature and breathing the fresh air again!" - Lisa
  • "I enjoying talking to the All Hands Volunteers about how long they’ve been working with All Hands and what originally made them start." - Shree
  • "I enjoyed the free time we got when we played twister or cards or just laying down on the twister mat under the sun and taking a small nap." - Yashmit

A challenge for me was:
  • "A challenge was definitely the bridge, which I believed was as high as the Burj Khalifa. Crossing it for the first time was just pure disaster. But as the days went on, I believe that I got used to the height and am now comfortable with it." - Kannapat
  • "Crossing the bridge on the first day was the biggest challenge for me." - Rahab
  • "My challenge for this Service Nepal was speaking in front of students and mothers in a language that I am not that confident in, especially about topics that are considered taboo in that community." - Shree
  • "My challenge was trying to do construction work and teaching while I was feeling under the weather." - Norchen
  • "My challenge was to keep calm and be understanding of others' experiences. I’ve been trekking and camping since I can remember, and because of that it was hard to understand some issues people had." - Lisa
  • "My challenge was feeling useful because I don’t know Nepali or how to do construction." - Paula
  • "A challenge was facing my fear of heights to go canyoning." - Miles
  • "It was challenging to make the jump when we were jumping from the large rock. I somehow mustered the courage to jump the first time and had a lot of fun but it was just as scary the second time. I'm glad I jumped twice despite my fear of heights." - Yashmit

I feel better prepared for college because:
  • "I got first hand experience getting my hands dirty; something that comforts me before I enter the uncertainty of college." - Norchen
  • "I was able to sort out my clothes (dirty and clean) nicely and improve my organization skills." - Yashmit
  • "I learnt how I can live with just the bare basics: water, food, and shelter. This experience was a tough adventure, but it prepared me for tougher times to come and for the hardships that college might bring." - Nikhil  
  • "I gained insight about college and life in the United States through conversations with All Hands volunteers so I had a better idea of what to expect in the future." - Swopnil

Grade 11 Service Nepal 2017

During Service Nepal week, the junior class participated in a service-learning program at Shree Kalika Primary School in Kalika, Ukhubari Sindhupalchowk. On this five-day trip students spent approximately three days engaging with local primary and middle school students working on two separate projects. One project focused on solar electrification and the other focused on educational lessons in the primary school. Once the service projects were complete, to pursue the goals of self-understanding, coping skills, and college and career readiness, they participated in a two-day kayaking camp. The students camped in tents right along the Sunkoshi River in Sukute. At night students spent their time bonding around the campfire, trust walks to the Banyan tree, and silly skits.

By Class of Grade 11

Highlights from a few grade 11 students:

“The highlight of my trip for me was teaching the students of the school math and art and seeing how excited and engaged they were in class. Teaching them was something new for me. It was fun teaching in Nepali because if you didn’t know a word my team was there to help.” Ritika

“The highlight of the trip was the people I surrounded myself with from Thrive and the Borderlands crew. They made me feel safe and confident. They would always smile and ask if I needed anything.” Prasant

"The highlight of the trip was the campfire every night. It was what brought everyone together.” Sangho

“Kayaking was by far the most fun, especially learning how to do the T-Rescue.” Garrett

“Getting to make a big difference for a community in a short span of time.” Athena

“Kayaking was amazing and it was an epic experience. I wish it was longer!” Hanul

Grade 10 Service Nepal 2017

For the 2016-2017 Service Nepal trip the grade 10 class traveled to Nuwakot, visiting Bachhala school to help with construction alongside the organization All Hands Volunteers. This trip was very engaging and required our class to dedicate their full energy to the tasks at hand. From working on the construction site, to hikes back to the campsite, for many of us sleep came easily. But the trip didn’t just give our 10th grade class a few blisters, instead we are left with memories that will last so much longer than the blisters on our feet. Our class got to teach other students, in lessons that vary from arts and crafts, to geography and menstruation. Each of these lessons not only taught our students the struggle of teaching, but also forced many to learn how to work around communication barriers, a skill which is getting further useful in a globalized world. It also allowed us all to bond with our fellow classmates and the students at the Bachhala school through a buddy system and cultural walk​ and also the volunteers of All Hands. In fact, whether it was bending rebar, painting, tying wire or shoveling gravel, we all had someone guiding us through it. We all learned new skills during the three days of construction work. As one student explained, “I learned how rebar support goes into buildings for concrete to be poured. And I learned how everything comes together to make a nice building.” Another student said, “ [I learned] what it really feels like to be dirty for 5 days in a row, and how much fun it is even though it may be tiring to be working on a work site with other people.” One student reflects on their interaction with their buddy as, “Though we’d only known our buddies for a short period of time it was easy to form friendships with our buddy. Talking with my buddy I got to see her village through a new perspective, and I especially enjoyed our short cultural tour with our buddies because it was unlike anything we’ve done in previous trips. It was an emotional farewell on our last day.” From these experiences the class of 2019 picked up more than a handful of skills.

Beyond working and hiking, the 10th grade class also created many great memories as a group. Some of these experiences, no matter how small, will never be forgotten by our class. These experiences ranged from the campfires every night, where many of our classmates told scary stories about backward feet ghosts, to joining in sing-alongs from Disney to hip hop; these nights were definitely worth looking back on. One of the most memorable moments of our trip was the 11 kilometer hike and subsequent arrival at the long awaited Famous Farm. And that last night, singing and dancing, and experiencing Mr. Anuj’s madal playing skills, his Nepali songs, and crazy dance moves was a highlight.

The class is definitely walking away with memories we’ll all remember. From things as simple as the animals in the area, to donating Bachhala our excess supplies and watching the amount of joy they got from something so simple, to learning how construction really works, to knowing that this school in the making has been impacted by us, we all took away experiences that were special to us in one way or another, and we are confident that these memories will shape us both as individuals, and as a class. See you next year!

By Tapashwi Karki and Connor Swanson
Noor Bajrachaya, collaborator

Grade 9 Service Nepal 2017

Twenty-two hungry and tired kids got off the bus at 6:30 PM as they reached their desired destination, Ratnanagar Gothauli Chitwan. There was a lovely ceremony that included the presentation of tikkas and flowers to welcome us, along with a traditional Nepali meal, which we helped prepare. Over the next four days, we helped local Nepali farmers build bio-domes, so that they could have a sustainable resource of gas for cooking. It was a long but rewarding process. First, we had to measure and dig the dome about ten feet across and six feet deep. Then, we had to lay bricks down, as well as make a wall of bricks around the circumference of the hole. Because the cement had to dry for a couple of days before we could make the dome, we went to another house to finish their dome. Once the template of dirt for the dome was complete, we proceeded to cover it in cement, with the engineer’s much needed guidance.

Apart from the building of domes, the class also took part in learning traditional Nepali fishing, late night dance classes, both Nepali and swing, and even a ride into the nearby village on ox carts. We were also able to take a traditional canoe ride to view wildlife that included:  crocodiles, spotted deer and the rare one-horned rhino. On the last night what looked to be the entire village came together to watch traditional Tharu dancing which In which we participated. I do believe that no one will contradict me when I say that it was one of the best Service Nepal trips ever!

By Maiya Justice
Our first sunrise on the plains of the Terai

Although the seats were hard, and the roads were rough, as Mr. Nielsen said, “It gives you character.”

Many people put their blood and sweat into digging this hole.

We can officially cross building a dome off of our bucket lists

An afternoon canoe ride filled with Rhinos and crocs

The ladies and gents dolled up in traditional Tharu clothing

Grade 8 Service Nepal 2017

For Service Nepal, Grade 8 went to Chitlang using the cable car station in Chandragiri. We were there for five days, staying in a place called the Chitlang Organic Village Resort. One of our main objectives in Service Nepal was to help Swochhanda School build their library by painting, installing insulation and carpeting, building book shelves, and donating over 500 books. Most of the books were donated by the Roots & Shoots community in Lincoln School. In the school, we also taught lessons about topics like geography, mathematics, English, plastic pollution, art, and personal hygiene. There was another school that we helped, called Mahalaxmi School where we also donated books and interacted with the children. A memorable experience was farming with the villagers and communicating with them about their lives in Chitlang. We learned more about the lifestyle many people have in Nepal outside of the city. On the third day, we went boating in a lake called the Kulekhani Lake and enjoyed the beautiful views of Chitlang. Overall, in Service Nepal, our class bonded throughout the trip while helping the Chitlang community.

By Aashni Maharjan, Jinho Yoon and Alex 

Grade 7 Service Nepal 2017

The seventh grade class went to the Balthali area for this year’s Service Nepal. Students were challenged with leadership and team building activities, demanding hikes and work at a local Tamang school.

Day one was met with a short bus ride to Khopasi and a hike to the Balthali area. After an enjoyable lunch, the class headed to a Tamang school close to the campsite to share songs, dance, games., and to support the school with needed stationary supplies. The interaction was a fun experience.

The next day was a busy work day with a forty-five minute hike to another Tamang village school. Students painted the exterior of two buildings, taught lessons to various age levels, and played games with the kids at the school. Backpacks from the backpack drive were donated, as well as white boards and other supplies for the teachers and students to enhance learning.

Wednesday was a full day of appreciating the local environment as we walked from Balthali to Namo Buddha and back. Along the way we were happy to see the blooming national flowers and to make it to the top to of the hill to see the monastery.

The week ended with a hike to speak with village elders about conditions in Balthali after the earthquake. Each evening, our group participated in team building and leadership activities that pushed the seventh graders past their comfort zones and built a real trust amongst the seventh grade class.

Friday came too quickly and after a short hike back to Khopasi, it was time to return to Lincoln School. Service Nepal 2017 was a fantastic experience of laughter, working together, physical challenges and support for schools in need.

By Danielle Johnson

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Snow Leopards Triumphant in NISSA Tournaments!

The Lincoln School Snow Leopards celebrated yet more successes in the NISSA Girls' Football and Boys' Basketball tournaments held today (March 25, 2017) on the Lincoln School campus. In the girls' football tournament, the Lady Leopards got off to a great start by defeating GEMS 8-0 in the first semi-final. Later on in the day, the girls played the NISSA Cup final against The British School. In a competitive game, the girls went down to an early goal, but showed good character to battle their way back in to the contest and emerge 5-2 victors. This meant that our Lady Leopards had won both the league and cup double! Karuna Sakya-Hooper was named the tournament's MVP.

In the boys' basketball tournament, the Lincoln Leopards were out to defend their NISSA trophy and began the game with an intense semi-final vs a high-pressing and competitive KISC team. Despite it being a tight encounter for most of the game, the boys went on a great 10-0 run at the start of the last quarter and KISC weren't able to recover, eventually losing by 12 points. The other semi-final saw GEMS down Rato Bangala, meaning that Lincoln would have a repeat match-up vs one of the teams in their pool. The Snow Leopards dominated the final from the outset, quickly going up 14-2 and extended their lead throughout the game. Despite GEMS possessing some tall players, the Lincoln boys stuck to their task in defense and transitioned quickly with clinical fast breaks. Final score: 47-22. Lincoln have won both the NISSA Girls' Football and Boys' Basketball championships in 2017!

Friday, March 24, 2017

NISSA Girls' Football & Boys' Basketball Festival

The local NISSA boys' basketball and girls' football seasons have been a great opportunity for our respective teams to develop their skills, fitness and teamwork. For the most part, our Snow Leopards have dominated the opposition with speed and flair. During Boys' Basketball pool play, the Snow Leopards won both their games vs TBS and beat GEMS once, only to be defeated by GEMS in their away game. However, the boys bounced back to defeat Modern Indian School 53-20 to book a place in the semi-finals of the Final Four tournament vs KISC at 8.00 am. Please see the tournament schedule & results of pool play below. 

LS vs GEMS@LS: 43-33
GEMS vs LS@GEMS: 41-21
GEMS vs TBS@GEMS: 54-25
                       TBS vs GEMS@TBS: 23-35
LS vs TBS@LS: 46-12
TBS vs LS@TBS: 29-41

Our Lady Leopards played some brilliant football over the course of the season, winning the majority of their fixtures by sizable margins. The girls finished league champions and will now also play in a cup tournament tomorrow with the semi-final being played at 8.00 am vs GEMS. Here are the list of results from the league: 

LS vs KISC: 4-0
LS vs KISC: 5-1
LS v GEMS: 13-2
GEMS v LS: 0-4
GEMS v TBS: 0-0
TBS v GEMS:9-1
TBS v Kisc: 6-1
KISC v TBS: 1-5
KISC vs GEMS: 1-1
KISC vs GEMS: 1-0
LS v TBS: 4-2
TBS V LS: 3-1

March 25@LS Gym BBB


Semi 1 LS vs. KISC


Semi 2 RBS vs. GEMS


5th & 6th MIS vs TBS


Lunch - Engage Exhibition Game


Skills/3pt Challenge


3rd and 4th Place Game


1st and 2nd Place Game

March 25@LS Turf GFB


Semi 1 Lincoln vs GEMS


Semi 2 TBS vs KISC


Break - Skills Challenge


1st and 2nd Place Game


3rd and 4th Place Game