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Monday, March 27, 2017

Grade 11 Service Nepal 2017

During Service Nepal week, the junior class participated in a service-learning program at Shree Kalika Primary School in Kalika, Ukhubari Sindhupalchowk. On this five-day trip students spent approximately three days engaging with local primary and middle school students working on two separate projects. One project focused on solar electrification and the other focused on educational lessons in the primary school. Once the service projects were complete, to pursue the goals of self-understanding, coping skills, and college and career readiness, they participated in a two-day kayaking camp. The students camped in tents right along the Sunkoshi River in Sukute. At night students spent their time bonding around the campfire, trust walks to the Banyan tree, and silly skits.

By Class of Grade 11

Highlights from a few grade 11 students:

“The highlight of my trip for me was teaching the students of the school math and art and seeing how excited and engaged they were in class. Teaching them was something new for me. It was fun teaching in Nepali because if you didn’t know a word my team was there to help.” Ritika

“The highlight of the trip was the people I surrounded myself with from Thrive and the Borderlands crew. They made me feel safe and confident. They would always smile and ask if I needed anything.” Prasant

"The highlight of the trip was the campfire every night. It was what brought everyone together.” Sangho

“Kayaking was by far the most fun, especially learning how to do the T-Rescue.” Garrett

“Getting to make a big difference for a community in a short span of time.” Athena

“Kayaking was amazing and it was an epic experience. I wish it was longer!” Hanul