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Friday, March 3, 2017

ENGAGE at Lincoln School!

ENGAGE at Lincoln School!

On the 10th International Wheelchair Day, Lincoln School hosted some of the top wheelchair basketball players in Nepal. In conjunction with ENGAGE – a local NGO that focuses on helping youths and young adults with physical disabilities – a disability awareness program was held for physical education students ranging from grade 4 all the way up to High School. ENGAGE set up the first ever Nepali wheelchair basketball league and are currently in the process of organizing the second version due to start in May. ENGAGE organized a presentation showing our students who they are and what they do, which was followed up by a speech from a top wheelchair basketball player who explained his story about why he was in a wheelchair and how sports have empowered him. This classroom session was then taken out onto the outdoor court where our students could experience the wheelchairs themselves and really appreciate how difficult the sport of wheelchair basketball is. A 5-on-5 exhibition game then took place at lunch with the whole school looking on as the athletes showcased their talents. The day as a whole went extremely well and really outlined Lincoln’s strong commitment to service and passion for co-curricular learning. Teaching our students to become more aware of how individuals can experience success despite obstacles is an important understanding in this day and age. Engaging with ENGAGE was a perfect partnership.

You can find out more about ENGAGE on their facebook page:

Contact Emails:
Simone Galimberti (Co-founder) – simone_engage@yahoo.com
Arthur Castro Smith (League Outreach Coordinator) – asmith.engage@gmail.com