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Monday, March 27, 2017

Grade 7 Service Nepal 2017

The seventh grade class went to the Balthali area for this year’s Service Nepal. Students were challenged with leadership and team building activities, demanding hikes and work at a local Tamang school.

Day one was met with a short bus ride to Khopasi and a hike to the Balthali area. After an enjoyable lunch, the class headed to a Tamang school close to the campsite to share songs, dance, games., and to support the school with needed stationary supplies. The interaction was a fun experience.

The next day was a busy work day with a forty-five minute hike to another Tamang village school. Students painted the exterior of two buildings, taught lessons to various age levels, and played games with the kids at the school. Backpacks from the backpack drive were donated, as well as white boards and other supplies for the teachers and students to enhance learning.

Wednesday was a full day of appreciating the local environment as we walked from Balthali to Namo Buddha and back. Along the way we were happy to see the blooming national flowers and to make it to the top to of the hill to see the monastery.

The week ended with a hike to speak with village elders about conditions in Balthali after the earthquake. Each evening, our group participated in team building and leadership activities that pushed the seventh graders past their comfort zones and built a real trust amongst the seventh grade class.

Friday came too quickly and after a short hike back to Khopasi, it was time to return to Lincoln School. Service Nepal 2017 was a fantastic experience of laughter, working together, physical challenges and support for schools in need.

By Danielle Johnson