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Friday, April 29, 2016

LS Snow Leopards - SAISA Basketball Champs!

LS Snow Leopards - SAISA Basketball Champs!

On April 21-23, Lincoln hosted the 2015 - 2016 Boys' Basketball tournament. This tournament was an amazing experience for everyone involved. Teams from Colombo, Karachi, Lahore, Bombay, Dhaka, Chennai and Muscat came here to Kathmandu to participate. Our Lincoln Boys fought extremely hard in the tournament and clearly progressed throughout, ending the tournament as SAISA champions!

In the first game, Lincoln suffered a large loss to the Dhaka Tigers. This game hurt our pride and confidence, but we moved past it, taking the defeat as only a learning experience. We played the next two teams in our pool, Karachi and TAISM, winning both games by a relatively large margin. In the game against Karachi, Mateus Castro-Smith and Corbin Goodson really stood out, both scoring 15+ points. We then played Chennai in the quarter final, once again winning by 30+ points. This was a fun game for us because we were able to give our substitutes a lot of playing time, mixing it up and putting them in the spotlight. Garrett Stull, Ugyen Sherpa and quite a few others were able to get their name on the scoring sheet in this game.

Our semi final was against the Karachi Knights, who had just came off of a big upset of Lahore in the quarter finals. They put up a bigger fight than the first game we played them, but we still played harder and came away with the win. In this game and all of the games beforehand, Avi Rajkarnikar and Suryansh Vaidya contributed immensely for the team, putting up a ton of points for us, and being great on-court leaders with their skill and determination. In the finals, we had a huge game against someone we had previously lost to, the Dhaka Tigers. Since that first game, our team had grown so much. Our play overall and our team chemistry had gone through the roof. Consistently through the tournament, we didn't even have to run plays anymore. We knew how to play for ourselves and one another. We believed in each other.

In the first half of the game, our boys were on fire, outscoring them 30 - 16. The momentum we had going was pushing us harder than ever. In the second half, we did not score as many points, but our defense held through and we won the game 45 - 42. Jusung Jung came off the bench and scored 8+ points, really stepping up his game after Mateus had gotten injured. Corbin Goodson scored a lot as well and played the best a point guard could for the team. Logan Art had a final he will never forget, hitting numerous outside shots and driving hard to the basket. His 15+ points were key in this final. The tournament overall was amazing and the championship win was one of the best feelings most of us had experienced. All the sweat, muscle pain and bumps in the road were worth the tears of joy in the end.

By Logan Art

Girls' Football Team Show True Heart in Mumbai

Girls' Football Team Show True Heart in Mumbai
As the youngest and most inexperienced team in SAISA once again, Lincoln School's Girls' Football Team 2016 demonstrated true heart and passion for the game, as it took place in Mumbai on April 21st - 23rd. Having been a fun season, the girls were excited to bring what we had to the field, and challenge other SAISA teams as we had previously done. This year's team consisted of nine new members, most of them inexperienced players of football, as we were faced with the challenge to live up to our title as SAISA champions. From playing the host school on the first day to playing the most physical team in SAISA, our girls stood their ground, bringing out their leopard spirit. Throughout the tournament, we had only lost one game, but had some amazing wins - some with more than four goals difference. The pool-play and the points worked against us, though, and in the end, the Lincoln Girls' team placed fifth in the whole tournament; a place not rightfully deserved, as thought by a lot of people. Despite the unfortunate events, this SAISA has been a learning experience for our girls, in which they learned to accept that things don't always work out the way we want them to, and that enjoying our time and making memories is a lot more valuable. Thank you to our coaches; Coach Anuj, Coach Deepesh, and Coach Anne for instilling the right values in us, and pushing us to our limits this season.
Laura Herren

LS Track & Field Beats the Heat in Chennai!

Track & Field Team Conquers Heat and Breaks PBs in Chennai!

SAISA Track and Field was a memorable experience for our team. With a traveling team of 11 student-athletes, SAISA was a special experience. Our first steps in Chennai were overwhelming because of the heat, but we stepped on the track and gave it our best. At the end of each race, we were covered in sweat and filled with joy and excitement. From the hilarious coaches' relay to team bonding moments and the roaring crowds of support, this event was inspirational. Our team has grown incredibly since our first practice; not only can we now run fast, jump higher and throw further, but we've also developed our characters to keep pushing ourselves to learn and improve. We may have shared some tears, but the happiness of achieving our goals overcame us. Overall, even though we did not win, we were happy, as we all tried our best, and that's what matters. Finally, thank you to our coaches for their support and encouragement!

Akshara Singh

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

SIASA Boys' Basketball 2016 Pictures are now available

Pictures of the SAISA Boys' Basketball Tournament hosted at Lincoln School are now available online.

The Flickr collection can be found here: https://goo.gl/aizwZ5

Monday, April 25, 2016

Explore Nepal Fund Raising Request

The Middle School is about to embark on our Explore Nepal on May 22nd to 27th. We are going to Godavari and Balthali. We are going to help the school that was damaged during the April 2015 earthquake. We are holding a fundraiser until the 16th of May to collect schools supplies. We will be needing these following items:
  • Pencils
  • Pens
  • Notebooks
  • Rulers
  • Glue Sticks
  • Children books
  • And any other school items that may be necessary 
The items we collect are going straight to the school in Godavari where the students there can use the items when the school is fully built.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Lincoln Triumph in NISSA Boys' Basketball "Final Four"

IMG_0354 (2).JPG

This weekend the Lincoln Varsity Boys' Basketball team participated in the annual NISSA tournament. The tournament consisted of six teams from here in Kathmandu, divided into two pools. Pool A consisted of KISC, ULLENS and Lincoln School, while Pool B contained TBS, RBS and GEMS. The first few weeks consisted of pool play, where Lincoln won two of its four games, just clinching a spot in the semi-finals. At this time, we were a new team with only four returning players out of twelve. We were still learning new skills and tactics, as well as trying to form the brotherhood needed to truly be a team. In the tournament semis, we first played a close game against RBS, just beating them 33-31. We could have performed better in this game, but our defense prevailed and won us the game. We moved on to the final feeling great. KISC was on a streak of winning NISSA. They had also beat us in both of the games in the beginning of the season in pool play. However, since then we have improved a lot. As a team, we have focused on improving skills and how we work together. We came into the game focused and ready to win on our home court. Our defense was rock solid and we shut down their assets. We ran away with the game in the second half, winning 38 - 31. This is a huge boost of confidence for us coming into the SAISA tournament and was a great learning experience.

Logan Art