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Friday, March 17, 2017

A 6th Grade Trip to Kopan

A 6th Grade Trip to Kopan  By: Yangki (Grade 6)

This year the 6th grade class went to Kopan Monastery, a unique experience few will forget.  The trip started out by attending a ceremony for the reincarnation of a very respected lama. We observed people offering Kata to the young reincarnation and got to try ourselves.  Throughout the first day we had many fun things planned such as observing the cultural dances, as well as taking a calming walk through the forest.  

The second day was a chance to learn about the life of a nun as well as visit a paper and incense factory and learn about the different processes of making these items.  This day was also when we got to meet some monks our age and have a lot of fun with them. 

On Wednesday we worked hard to pick up trash and make the Boudha area cleaner with the help of the Green Soldiers. This was also the day we got some teachings on what it means to be a Buddhist and how they go about their life. We also learned about the ancient art of Thanka painting.

The next day we got to take a long and tiring yet fun hike up to Nagi Gompa, where we had lunch. We also had a teaching on universal responsibility and how we can play our part.  Friday was the day we got the chance to create our own mandalas that were supposed to represent who we are.  

Overall this week was…
Fun, tiring, interesting, scary, relaxing -Anisha
I am impressed by the dedication of these people-Yangki