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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

The Lincoln Secondary Online Learning (LSOL) Program

Dear online parents and students,

I hope your lives are settling down at least a bit.  We had a very positive first day back with students here at Lincoln; the kids were clearly happy to be among friends, though many of you were missed.

You are currently out of town, or soon will be, and will be looking for ways to keep up with the learning missed during your absence.  The purpose of this email is to let you know how we are all going to accomplish this together.  

The Lincoln Secondary Online Learning (LSOL) Program 
The Lincoln online learning program will run in parallel to regular classes for the remainder of this semester and will allow students who are unable to be on campus to continue learning and to complete the academic work needed to receive credit for the semester. 

Students will be given online support through the Google Classroom platform, accessible by each student through their lsnepal.com Google account by going to http://classroom.google.com/.  

For each class that takes place on campus, and that has students in the LSOL program, teachers will upload an assignment or announcement on Google Classroom to inform students and their parents of the learning goals and assigned learning tasks for the class that day.  Parents and students will also be able to keep track of classes using the appropriate grade level academic calendars, found here: http://www.lsnepal.com/index.php/academics/middle-school/academic-calendars#year=2015&month=5&day=4&view=month

Google Classroom will be supplemented by other online resources (TedEd, YouTube, Khan Academy, etc.), Skype, video lessons, screencasts and email chats as appropriate and when feasible.

A coordinating teacher will be assigned to each student and will ensure consistent communication between the home and school.  This teacher will send out an introductory email soon and check in on a weekly basis, or as needed.  Once they have contacted you, please be sure to use them to work out any difficulties or questions you have.  We are working hard to ensure continuity in your child's education and know that there may be some snags, for example with access to the internet.  We are a small school and are able to be flexible so please let us know as soon as you hit a snag so we can work together to figure out a solution.

If you have any concerns or questions in the meantime please do not hesitate to contact me.