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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Welcome to Lincoln's Online Museum

Welcome to the Museum

Lincoln School in Nepal was invited to participate in the beta test of the Google Open Gallery Project (https://www.google.com/opengallery), part of the Google Cultural Institute.

The project is still developing, but we have our very own online gallery now, located at:


Google has provided the school with an online consultant located in Paris, and in return, we provided Google with feedback.

The school has been able to create numerous exhibits with Open Gallery. The vision for our museum gallery is to showcase exemplary work of the school community, raise the profile of the school, and to provide a new platform for the expression of school projects.

Our museum gallery was a perfect fit for AP Art student Yazmin’s exhibit "The Nepal Collection” (http://goo.gl/OYkG0s) as an example of exemplary work.

One of the interesting features of the Open Gallery is how pictures are rendered. Normally when you create a web page, you want to use low quality images, otherwise it would take forever to load the page, something we are especially sensitive to in bandwidth poor Nepal. The Open Gallery is different. You load up high definition images and the Open Gallery automatically adjusts the image. This allows you to zoom in on images, taking advantage of all the pixels available as seen in the picture the below, taken by Peter Hennigar. Peter is one of our faculty and a fellow museum curator. The photo is featured in the "Exploring Nepal Exhibit “ (http://goo.gl/uYxoMj)

Visit our museum, checkout an exhibit, click on a picture and then use the magnification tool to zoom in on any part of a picture. Enjoy your visit!

Go to Google's Open Gallery and sign up for an invitation. Once you get an account, you can add administrators and curators, and multiple exhibits.