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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Badminton Begins at Lincoln

SAISA Badminton 2015
by Jihyun and Prarup

Among the many new initiatives taken by Lincoln School this year, one of the recent projects this year was creating a Badminton team. On February 4th, the Lincoln School Badminton team took off for Dhaka to compete in the SAISA tournament for the first time. Not having competed with any of the sister schools, the experience was quite unanticipated. The competition against the team was quite tough due to the lack of much experience in SAISA. For most of the players on the team, it was also their first time travelling for any SAISA sport. Although the team ranked sixth overall, this seemed more of a trial year; a year to get to know the fellow competitors, the competition and the environment. It was a year of much learning and understanding what the competition was really about. Overall, it was a great experience and was as if we were playing against friends, not in a competition.