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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Fun, Memorable, Amazing, Adventurous, Thrilling, Challenging, Speechless! Preparing for college by exploring Nepal

The senior class spent 7 days developing personal skills, such as trust, stress management, communication and decision making, to aid in their transition to life after high school. They also had time to spend time bonding as group. Their thoughts -:

For the first three days of EN we went to a village school. I was in the English group and had a great time connecting with the kids in the community while teaching. They were excited and I could see how much they wanted to learn. This experience helped me to appreciate the time and effort they were willing to put into their school work.

Explore Nepal was a great way to build my confidence, independence and trust because all the activities we did were new to me, which made it exciting.

My Explore Nepal experience was a great and memorable experience. I loved the canyoning and rafting even though it rained on the second day. I liked the group we were in and the guides and instructors were very nice and also trustworthy.

I really enjoyed spending time with my friends for the last time. I enjoyed being outside of my comfort zone. I loved this trip.

It was a great way to bond with the class and made us feel independent. It was a great pre-college trip and the highlight of my senior year but it should be longer!

Ms Heather Farish
HS Chemistry & Maths teacher