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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Cricket Comes to the American School!

As part of Lincoln School’s secondary physical education program, students have been introduced to the rules, skills and game concepts involved in playing cricket. They were also given the opportunity to participate in two extra events.

The first was when one high school class was joined by Lincoln’s very own Preschool students to learn more about one of Australia’s favorite pastimes, as pre-school were studying the continent of Australia at the time. To teach them the basics of the sport, high school students designed bowling, batting and fielding activities for the children to play. It was a great class where all students got involved and everyone enjoyed.

The second was when Matthew Elliott, a former Australian cricketer and Charlie Burke, head coach of Hong Kong’s national cricket team made a special appearance on campus. The two arrived in Nepal to attend a tribute tournament held in honor of the late Phillip Hughes. While at school they talked to students and led a cricket session that was enjoyed by all.