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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Gr. 9 Explore Nepal

We just wanted to take a little moment to acknowledge the grade 9 class. Throughout the Explore Nepal trip there dedication to the cause was second to none. Your children were pushed outside of their comfort zone and they were able to embrace it with grace.

This year was focused mostly around service, helping schools that were affected by the earthquake. I am proud to announce that the grade 9 students were able to directly impact 3 Nepali schools over the past week in the Nuwakot region. They taught lessons and were patient in the process, they primed and painted a primary school that didn't have the funding to complete it (the headmaster was overwhelmed with the work of your children). This class was also able to break cultural barriers/stereotypes involving activities with young women. Lastly they were able to learn technical skills of bending rebar, chiseling brick, filtering sand, painting, and mixing cement. All in efforts to rebuild a school on the top of the ridge, Jalpa Yuwa.

The students were able to create strong bonds on this trip. They were like a diesel powered combine chugging along each day (sorry I'm from Nebraska if you don't understand the analogy) Each day there were bumps, cuts, scars. And each day they dusted each other off and were ready to face another challenge. This class showed true class and character and we could not be more proud of them.

Grade 9 advisors