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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Activities, Athletics & Aquatics Update

Greetings Snow Leopards!

Our Activities, Athletics and Aquatics program has gotten off to a flying start. Almost all our students are engaged in pursuing one of their passions after school. If you missed signing up for an activity, or joined school late, and would like to know what is on offer, please visit: www.lsasa.weebly.com

In Elementary and High School PE classes, students are engaged in swimming and water safety lessons, as they try to check off the outcomes that will see them move to a higher cap.

We also have some exciting upcoming events for our students. Please mark your calendars for the following: 

  • Saturday, September 3rd: LS Invitational Boys' & Girls' Volleyball Tournaments
  • Saturday, September 3rd: Nisarga Swim Meet (limited to 10 participants)
  • September 10 & 11: Little Angels Swimming Championships
  • October 1 & 2: Lincoln School Invitational Swimming Championships
  • October 8-11: LS select swim squad to AES-New Delhi
  • October 20-22: SAISA Season 1 Tournaments - Swimming@LS; Boys' Volleyball@AISC; Girls' Volleyball@TAISM

Snapshot of the week courtesy of Monique Kovacs

Finally, please do help us out with hosting student-athletes for SAISA Swimming if you can! 

Best wishes for a season of learning, growth and fun!

Luke Davis