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Monday, December 12, 2016

Fall Festival

On October 27th, Middle School Students participated in the Fall Festival which integrated Art, Music, and Language Arts projects into one wonderful exhibit in The Gallery. 

Grade 6:
In Language Arts students studied characterization in various texts and forms of media.  They created a villain and brought it to life using the 5 aspects of characterization. In Visual Art, students created aluminum foil and paper mache sculptures to bring their Language Arts villains to life. In Music, students completed their musical literacy unit and began an instrumental unit.
Grade 7: 
In Language Arts, students explored different types of emotions and fears, writing a personal story called a vignette about a time they felt fear. In Visual Art, students created villains and the environment they live in with oil pastels. In Music, students composed melodic themes with consonance and dissonant themes that represented their projects in Visual Art and Language Arts.
Grade 8:
In Language Arts students created their own dystopian society through studying Ayn Rand's Anthem. In Visual Art, students expressed their fears and phobias through linoleum printmaking. In Music, students composed background tracks to represent their print making with music technology software, instruments, and synthesizers.
High School Art  featured observational anatomical drawings of the human skeleton in the foyer.