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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Secondary Art News

In the high school art classes, we recently completed a three-week observational drawing unit, including one week each of figure drawing, portraiture and anatomical drawing. We've explored a range of drawing materials and techniques, mainly focusing on line, tone and composition. Students have responded well to this unit, and I can already see their drawing skills improving. Check out the students' work on the bulletin boards near the art studio and more images on our class Instagram: www.instagram.com/lsnepalart

Mr. Davis modeling some sports poses while the students draw with ink.
Geng's ink drawing of Ms. Poonam
30 second--5 minute timed gesture drawings on display near the art studio
10 minute--30 minute timed figure drawings on display near the art studio
Paula, working on a portrait with charcoal
Jiyun, drawing the skeleton with her eraser on toned paper covered with loose charcoal.
Shreetika's skeletal study
Riku's skull drawing with oil pastels on colored paper.